Chantilly Little League Needs Umpires!
The Chantilly Volunteer Umpires Association  (CVUA, at is a group of adults and youths who contribute to the successful CYA baseball program by providing umpire services to our Little League line up. 

For adults, volunteering as an umpire is fun, flexible, and free! 
-- "Fun" in that, as an umpire, we are involved in every aspect of the game.  We ensure the kids are playing safely, that they are learning about baseball, and that rules are followed.  Additionally, as in all CYA sports programs, good sportsmanship from players, coaches and parents is strongly emphasized, so on-the-field conflicts are minimal. 
-- "Flexible" because you can fit your availability into our schedule.  Games are played Monday through Thursday evenings and all day on Saturday. 
-- "Free" since the CVUA will provide the basic umpire gear (except for pants and shoes).

Our youth umpires are Little League graduates and must be at least 13 years old.  Unlike the adults, youths get paid for each game they umpire.  Most youths umpire in the field, but our more experienced youths also go behind the plate.

All CVUA umpires are provided six hours of training, three hours on rules and three hours on field mechanics.  Additionally, we provide instructional critiques throughout the year. 

Due to the shortage of umpires, we primarily work the Major league games and must rely on team parents to call the AAA, AA, and single A games.  Games are played all over Chantilly and an umpire can be scheduled to ump in a game near home.

If you are interested in joining our program, or want more information, please contact our Umpire-in-Chief, Bill McKinney, at

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