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CYA Basketball College Scholarship

Deadline extended to 14 June

CYA Basketball each year offers up to 4 $1000 college scholarship to qualified applicants for use in the scholastic year 2010—2011 as a college freshman.  Scholarships up to $1000 will be awarded by the basketball board of directors to a maximum of four current seniors (at least one boy and one girl) who have participated in CYA Basketball in their middle school and high school years and who meet the other stated criteria of academic achievement and good sportsmanship.

The recipient of a 2010 CYA Basketball scholarship will be a person who is inspiring to his/her teammates and friends, displays good sportsmanship, and brings credit to his/her school and sport. This scholar-athlete need not have played on their high school basketball team and need not be a highly skilled player. The most important criteria is the individual’s contribution to CYA Basketball as a good teammate, a referee, or a coach.

The original deadline of May 15th has been extended to June 14th. The Scholarship Selection Committee will recommend scholarship recipients to the CYA Basketball Board at the regular June meeting.  Recipients will be notified by June 21st. Note that checks will be made out to the college that the student plans to attend and will be disbursed by the end of June.

The application is available for download on the left hand side of this webpage or by contacting Cindy Aune at 703-597-1707.

Applications should be mailed or hand delivered to:

Cindy Aune
Vice Chairperson, CYA Basketball
3003 Heritage Farm Ct.
Oak Hill, VA  20171