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CYA Travel Basketball: Boys U15 and U18

Update: 21 November 2008

CYA Basketball will not be fielding either a Boys 15 and under or a Boys 18 and under travel team this coming season. The primary reason for this decision is the lack of teams fielded by the other organizations in FCYBL (Fairfax County Youth Basketball League). We were informed by FCYBL a few weeks ago that only 4 clubs were planning on fielding U15 teams and just three clubs were planning on U18 teams (this included 1 each from CYA). We wrote to the Executive Committee of FCYBL two weeks ago expressing our concern that the leagues would not be viable with such a low rate of participation and urged them to ask other organizations to step up and field teams; the answer that we received at the beginning of this week was that no more teams were anticipated and that both these leagues were in jeopardy of not coming to pass.

In addition, the CYA Basketball Board was concerned with the low level of interest in these teams among our own membership (just 15 total had signed up) and the impact that forming two teams would have on our house leagues in grades 9-12, whose numbers are also low at this point (though sufficient in each case to have at least 6+ teams each if we did not field travel teams).

In the end, we believed it was in the best interest of the players involved to have them play in our highly competitive house program where they would have more opposing teams to compete against and would not have to travel the long distances that our U15 and U18 teams are often forced to travel at odd times on weeknights and weekends. For these reasons, we informed FCYBL on 11/20 that we would not be participating in the travel program this year at the U15 or U18 level.

All those who signed up for Boys Travel Grades 9-12 will be moved automatically to the CYA house program for their grade. If you do not want to participate in our House program, then you can request a full refund by sending an email to Rick Shryock at

We know that some players will be disappointed with this decision. CYA Basketball did all that we could to rescue these two leagues but the other clubs just did not step up. Fortunately we have a vibrant house program that our HS kids can participate in if they so choose.