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House Skills Assessments-Tryouts

Grades 3-10 (Update 12/14)

Players in grades 3 through 8 are placed on teams based on a skills assessment and a player draft in order to try to balance the talent across the teams in each league. Players are asked to participate in the skills assessments (which include a short scrimmage and the running of 3-4 simple drills) in order to assess their ballhandling skills, shooting ability, offensive and defensive abilities, and hustle/teamwork. Players are then ranked by the coaches and allocated to teams through a draft process in which all the coaches participate. In order to make the rankings as accurate as possible, it is important that players attend these assessments at the announced date and time. However, if registered players are unable to attend, they will still be assigned to a team. 
All skills assessments have now been held and all teams have been drafted except 9th grade boys (draft scheduled for 12/14). If your child has not heard about their team yet, please contact the appropriate league administrator (see the listing on the Boys House or Girls House pages). Note that no skills assessments were held for the high school leagues.