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Spring Skills Assessments

Status as of 25 March 2009

Most of our Spring programs (except 11-12th grade boys, 7-8th grade and 9-12th grade girls) will be holding skills assessments in the coming weeks to evaluate players in advance of the respective player drafts. These are not tryouts -- everyone who registers by March 22nd will be assigned to a team regardless of whether or not they can attend the assessments on the appointed day and time. However, these are the best way that we have for the coaches to see the players so that the draft will be fair and teams relatively balanced in terms of skill level.

All assessments that will take place have either already occurred or have been scheduled. Try to attend at the time assigned for your last name, but anytime will do if you cannot make this time. Email the league administrator if you cannot attend.

NOTE: The assessments consist of a short series of drills and a scrimmage. Please do not bring basketballs to the assessments, which will inevitably be misplaced.

Boys 4th grade: 7:00-9:30 Monday 3/16/09 at Poplar Tree ES
League Administrator Dan Dschuhan (

A-G     7:00-7:45
H-M    7:45-8:30
N-Z    8:30-9:30

Boys 5th grade: 6:00-9:00 Thurday 3/26/09 at Waples Mill ES
League Administrator: Kelly Eyer (

A-F    6:15-6:45
G-M   6:45-7:15
N-T    7:15-7:45
V-Z    7:45-8:15

Boys 6th grade: 6:30-9:30 Wednesday 3/18/09 at Poplar Tree ES
League Administrator Dan Dschuhan (

A-G   6:30-7:00
H-N   7:15-7:45
O-S   8:00-8:30
T-Z    8:45-9:15

Boys 7th grade: 6:00-9:00 Monday 3/23/09 at Rachel Carson MS
League Administrator Randy Gulackowski (

A-J    6:00-7:00
K-S   7:00-8:00
T-Z    8:00-8:30

Boys 8th grade: 6:30-9:30 Thursday 3/26 at Poplar Tree ES
League Administrator Lovely Huff (

A-F 6:30-7:15
G-P 7:15-8:00
Q-Z 8:00-9:00

Boys 9th grade: 6:30-9:00 Thursday 3/26 at Rocky Run MS (moved from Rachel Carson)
League Administrator Bruce Fraser (

A-G 6:30-7:00
H-N 7:00-7:30
O-S 7:30-8:00
T-Z 8:00-8:30

Boys 10th grade: skills assessment complete, teams have been formed.
League Administrator Brian Leonard (

Boys 11th grade and Boys 12th grade: no assessments

Girls 4th-6th grades: 6:30-8:30 Monday 3/23 at Greenbriar West ES
League Administrators Troy Olsen ( and Patricia Mills (

NOTE: 4-6th grade girls assessments are being held consecutively on this date at Greenbriar West. If you cannot come during the designated time for your grade, please come at one of the other times.

4th Grade A-L  6:30
4th Grade M-Z  6:45
5th Grade A-L  7:00
5th Grade M-Z  7:15
6th Grade A-L  7:45
6th Grade M-Z  8:00

Girls 7-8 grades (combined): no assessments (teams formed by coaches and administrator)
League Administrator Troy Olsen (

Girls 9-10th grades and 11-12th grades: no assessments
League Administrator Bruce Wardlaw (