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Practice Equipment


What should players wear to pratice?

Cleats, socks, shorts, and a t-shirt. A mouthpiece i required if playing tackle rugby. What else should the player bring to practice? Water, water, WATER!!! Or any sports drink. At least one quart. It will be hot, and players will need to drink water. We don’t care if the players splash each other with water (this is all about having fun), but they must bring enough to drink, and they can splash the rest. Always be sure to drink plenty of water before practice.

What about a mouthpiece?

We recommend mouthpieces for touch rugby players; touch rugby is not a contact game like tackle but the players do bump into each other and do fall/trip to the ground. We REQUIRE mouthpieces for tackle rugby players. Any tackle player without a mouthpiece will not take part in contact drills; they will be expected to do everything else. See the general FAQ page for info about mouthpieces and where to buy them.

Do parents need to stay at practices?

No, but we need to know how to get in touch with you. Practice may be called early because of a change in the weather. If we can’t find you, we’ll probably take your child either home with us or perhaps to Glory Days where you can pick him up. Same thing if you’re late picking up your child. The coaches have things to do after practice, but we won’t leave your child alone. However, we hope you stay at practice, come to know the coaches and parents, and learn a little about rugby. We might even recruit you from the sideline to help with practice. Don’t worry, rugby is not hard to learn.