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CYA Winter Basketball at the FIELDHOUSE!

Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, CYA will not be offering a traditional recreational basketball season this winter.  Safety among our players and families will continue to be our top priority and utilizing public school gyms offers too many logistical challenges to our safety efforts.  The CYA Basketball Board worked very hard to try and find solutions to the safety issues but in the end, it was concluded that the risk was simply too great. 

Our focus now is working on a plan to accommodate a modified basketball season/program at the CYA Fieldhouse beginning in January.  The Fieldhouse offers an environment that can be regulated and monitored.  Additionally, the cleaning protocols are stringent and documented.  All game equipment is sanitized regularly and only players are allowed in the building – no spectators at this time.

Obviously, we won’t be able to accommodate the number of kids who traditionally participate in CYA Basketball over the winter season but we intend to get as many kids out there as possible under the very strict safety guidelines.



When:  January 9th - March 28th


Cost:  $150 Per Player

All players will receive two jerseys - Home and Away.  


Refund Policy

1) If the season is canceled prior to January 8th, a refund of $125 will be provided to all families PLUS all players will keep their Jerseys. 


2)  If the season is canceled between January 9th and January 31st, a refund of $100 will be provided to all families PLUS all players will keep their Jerseys.


3)  If the season is played through January 31st and a cancelation occurs after that date, there will be no refunds!