Chantilly Lace "select-travel" program


The goal of the CYA softball select/travel program is to provide continuing instruction, skill development and competition at a higher level.

Select/travel is for players who demonstrate a strong desire and ability to play the game at a high level against top-quality competition.  Players are expected to have a higher level of commitment to attend practices and games.

Depending on registration and skill levels, CYA Softball will form select/travel teams at the following levels:
·                     10 & Under, playing in the spring, summer and fall (see note below)
·                     12 & Under, playing in the spring, summer and fall;
·                     14 & Under, playing in the spring, summer and fall;
·                     16 & Under, playing in the summer and fall;
·                     18 & Under, playing in the summer and fall.

Selection to a select/travel team requires a tryout, and players and parents should recognize that a player might not be selected.  Depending on the season and registration levels, select/travel teams will carry between 12-18 players.  Decisions about players and team assignments are solely at the discretion of the coaches of a team.

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  Do we “travel?”
      “Select” and “travel” mean the same thing in CYA Softball.  As our select program continues to grow and the level of play continues to rise, our teams will earn opportunities to travel more widely than within the Washington Metro area.  
      Currently, teams play games and tournaments throughout Fairfax County and surrounding counties.  Depending on the skill level and tournament success of a team, it may earn the opportunity to travel to regional and national tournaments.

      Players who make a select team in the spring are encouraged, but not required, to play in the House league as well.  Experience has shown us that participation by select players in our House Leagues helps all our players develop by raising the level of play and encouraging all players to try their best.

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